In Home Family Session

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I had so much fun capturing this beautiful family in their home! Home sessions are truly my favorite. There is something so intimate about photographing a family in their cozy home. I really feel when I am photographing home sessions, I can truly capture candid, intimate, and quiet shots of a family.  

I mean shooting a family in their home has to be the most comfortable for a family, especially when photographing a mama to be! Traveling around pregnant around the final stretch of pregnancy isn’t easy! But from a photographer’s point of view, it really does give me the ability to play around! 

I’m not gonna lie, I was totally house struck (is that even a saying LOL) when I saw this mama’s home– how dreaaaaaamy is it? I love entering a new space and having the freedom to try different things, my mind races with sooo many new ideas! 

I am already thinking of all the fun shots I can get next time I go because this home is a photographer’s dream!<3 

Another plus about having in-home sessions for any kind of occasion whether a family session, or in this case a maternity and family mix, it’s so nice to take our session throughout the house! We traveled from the bedroom to the rest of the house and even got some gems outside with the kiddos! It really gives the gallery a lot of variety and I love sharing the end result! 

This mama is expecting her third babe, & I can’t wait to go back & capture them as a family of FIVE <3



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