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Hi! My name is Natalie, & I specialize in newborn & baby photography in Torrance, CA. I am a mama bear to two healthy & happy boys, and a wife to an amazing man. I have found my passion in capturing newborns & babies. I work out of my studio in Torrance, and dedicate my profession to the specializiation in newborn & baby photography. After having my boys, I wanted to freeze the moments, & document the unforgettable stages that would soon be fleeting, which is what led me to my passion-- newborn’s & babies!
I’m a lover of capturing babies in their purest states, & a believer that beauty lies in simplicity. I strive to show all of my Nurture Newborns in their most natural & organic state. I truly believe that every baby is born simply, & purely perfect-- and my job is to capture exactly that. Through minimalism and a simple color palette, I choose to showcase all newborn’s & babies as simply as they are.
As my client, I want you to feel welcomed & comfortable, & leave with everlasting art to hang on your walls. I am confident that together, we can create beautiful, pure, & timeless art.