Olivia's Pure Newborn Session in Torrance, CA / by Natalie Van

Hi All! I know I have been MIA from this little blog of mine. With all the family sessions last year, I decided to take a break from blogging so that I could fully focus on my family & newborn sessions until the Holidays were done. One of my New Years resolutions is to blog more, so here I am! :)

Olivia was the first Nurture Newborn of 2016! She had the squishiest lips, and was such a great sleeper! We didn't get to do prop shots for this session, but all of her posed images came out so beautiful, it totally made up for it! Mama scheduled her session about a month before she was born. I mention this because I just wanted to quickly go over how important it is to schedule your newborn session before Baby arrives. Although it isn't CRUCIAL to getting a session, it does secure your date and availability. I always, always, always try to fit clients in, even if I'm fully booked,  but it doesn't always guarantee a spot if we wait too long to schedule a session, and it totally bums me out when that happens. I always recommend to schedule your session at least a month before baby comes. I know there is a lot to go over when you're pregnant and even more once the baby arrives, but at least it is one less thing to stress out about, and it is all taken care of beforehand! To schedule a session, please contact me here.


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