Los Angeles Beach Maternity Session by Natalie Van

You guys! This is my third consecutive week in a row that I have BLOGGED I've really tried to prioritize, & blogging has been high up o that list-- not sure if anyone really looks/reads this blog to begin with, but I really enjoy being able to talk about sessions, & give a bit more of an in depth look at what a session with Nurture Baby Photography is like!

Marina contacted me because she wanted a maternity session that reflected her laid back, beach vibe. She came in for her session consult the day before her session to pick out her gowns, & I was really able to hone in on what look she was going for. Originally she wanted to incorporate a black dress, but after talking it through she decided to go with two white gowns, & I am so glad that she did!

I love being able to capture of the intimacy of a maternity session. There are so many feelings that a soon to be mama experiences right before giving birth-- excitement, anxiety, happiness, nostalgia-- I want to capture it all! Dad was all about letting Mama shine as well! I love watching Dad's gaze at their beautiful wife during their solo portion of the session, you can really see the love and admiration they hold for their significant others! 

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Lincoln's three month in studio milestone session | South Bay Baby Photographer by Natalie Van

Lincoln came Into the studio a couple of months ago (that's how behind on blogging I am!) for his three month session! I have been photographing this family since his Big Sis wasn't even sitting up, & she is not over 2 years old, with a baby brother! How amazing is that?! She kept on tickling brother throughout the session to get some smiles out of him. My favorite part of the session was capturing all of his expressions, he was the KING of stink eye! Honestly, if I didn't know any better, I would have totally thought that he was related to Dwayne Johnson (A.K.A. The Rock) because he stink eye was ON POINT!

Every time I photograph this family, I know it's going to be a good time-- I always joke around that Dad is always the MVP during their sessions, because he always does whatever it takes to get a smile! Whether is sing his lungs out, or jump up & down & dance like a mad man to capture his kiddos attention, it often times makes me laugh way more than his kiddos! It has just been such an honor to photograph Avery & Lincoln , & capture them growing. I am so excited to watch Lincoln grow up throughout his first year!

Here is a sneak into his milestone session, there were over 30 amazing images in their gallery, but I enjoy keeping blogs short & sweet!

Catch ya on the flip side!



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Chloe's In Studio South Bay Newborn Photography Session by Natalie Van

Oh Sweet Baby Chloe had the best eye contact for a newborn! At only 2 weeks old, she held the best eye contact I've ever had during a session. I love awake shots of newborns, because I feel like you can see so much personality in those particular images. This session was so much fun because the whole first half was getting all of those expressions. It's so hard for me to pick my favorite images from a session to blog, & it was especially hard during this session because we got so many amazing shots! Also, can we please take a minute to talk about her HAIR?! I wish my hair was a gorgeous as hers! I love incorporating simple and delicate props in my session that really bring out each feature in every newborn. I usually hold off on wardrobe, & headbands until baby comes into the studio because I want to make sure that what I have picked really helps accent unique and beautiful features that my newborn babies have. A huge reason why I am such a lover and minimalism and simplicity is because I truly feel that each baby has their own personality, quality, and characteristics-- that I want my sessions to really showcase those! 

These parent shots were also so sweet, while I do pose all parents, my favorite shots always end up being the intimate ones that really reflect emotion. I am so blessed that I love what I do, & that I do what I love!

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Cam's Los Angeles Family Beach Session! by Natalie Van

It's been a hot minute since I have updated the blog! It is a constant resolution of mine to keep my blog updated, and always a work in progress, but I've decided to talk this head on & blog weekly! I'm starting this blogging spree with Cam's family session at the beach. This family moved to another state two days after this session, & they really wanted to capture the essence of the South Bay before they left. I am so glad that we were able to capture these little details for him to have & be able to look back on these times! Although this isn't the full session (We got over 100 images!) these are some of my favorites.

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Simple Newborn Session in Studio! | Baby Maddox by Natalie Van

Meet Baby Maddox Ka'eookalani. How amazing is that middle name?! This family is so very dear to me, I have been photographing them since they announced their pregnancy! This has truly been a "from inside to earth side" experience with NBP. I am so honored that I have gotten to photograph this little guy's journey from conception, to growing in his mama's belly, all the way to his newborn days!

They purchased my Simple Collection, which includes parents & siblings. These are my favorite newborn collection, as I get to really focus on the family's connection. I love when siblings participate, because I also get to focus a couple of images on them! It was hard to dwindle down my favorites.. I told myself that I would only pick 10... but I couldn't! 

P.S: Have you guys signed up for my Motherhood Event? Spots are quickly filling up! For event details, click here!



Nurture Baby Photography 2017 Motherhood Event by Natalie Van

Celebrating all Mama's with Nurture Baby Photography at my studio in Torrance. I wanted to create an event where Mama's can come & actually get in FRONT of the camera for some sweet intimate shots with their babes.

The event will take place on Saturday, April 15th from 9AM-3PM.

Once you arrive, you will sign in & enjoy some fun snacks & refreshments before your session. Please arrive about 5 minutes early to choose your wardrobe. I know the struggle of leaving the house with littles, and understand that some mamas may run a few minutes late, early, etc, & we may get out of order a bit, so please be patient.

Sessions will be 15 minutes long, allowing 5 minutes to choose your wardrobe since you will have access to the NBP Client Closet where you will get to choose the style for your session for both you & your baby, however I will not be available for prior wardrobe consults. 

You will receive 5-8 digital images approximately 1-2 weeks after the session, just in time to post or frame for Mother's Day!

Sessions will include only Mamas & their littles. Session fee is $200. $50 due at booking to secure your session, the remainder of the session fee will be invoiced on the day of the session.

To book your session, please contact me here!

I look forward to seeing all of my mamas on the 15th! 



South Bay Newborn & Baby Photographer | Cake Smash Session by Nurture Baby Photography in Torrance Studio by Natalie Van

You guyssss! Baby Gray is already ONE YEAR OLD!! I did her newborn session A YEAR AGO! How crazy sis that?! It feels so crazy to me because I feel like it FLEW by! I had so much fun during her session-- she was a bit more shy this time, but mama & her grandma helped bring her out of her shell. When I do my cake smash sessions, I love to start out with just the baby, so that we can get those timeless images, then we move onto the cake portion, where I will be honest-- not many babes are into the cake! A lot of the mess making actually comes from us adults ;) One new addition that I have incorporated info my cake smash sessions has been the bubble bath at the end-- so we capture everything from beginning to end!

Can we please talk about how simple amazing this cake is?! Grandma makes them from scratch, and makes then mainly from bananas, & doesn't add much sugar to them. They go perfectly with my simple and neutral set ups.

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South Bay Newborn & Baby Photographer | Maternity session in Torrance Beach, CA by Natalie Van

You guuuuuuyyyssss! This maternity session has quickly become one of my favorite sessions to date!

When I met up with Mama during our session consult a couple of days before her session, she expressed to me how she mainly wanted to capture her & her daughter before her new arrival comes. I could definitely relate with the unspoken bittersweet feeling that comes with welcoming your second, and the slight fear of sharing your time between a newborn, & your first little-- the one who made you a mama. She decided that she wanted her session to take place at the beach, & wanted her wardrobe to reflect a cozy, laid back, beach vibe! She had originally bought a dress from a maternity store, but after seeing my options, we didn't even need to use it! I love that I get to provide wardrobe for mamas & their littles from my NBP Client Closet, & will now be building up wardrobe for Dads! I often times tell my clients that the hardest part is getting to the session itself-- after that, I take care of every stressful element! From wardrobe, to light posing, to every other thing imaginable.

We had so much fun during this session, & my main goal was to capture this mama with her little, her world, her tiny human. This gorgeous mama was radiating, so of course I had to pull her aside & capture her & her belly as well! I love timing my beach sessions with a bit before the sunset, to get that bright dreamy lighting, & I love shooting a bit after the sun sets so that we can get that bit of mood There were so many gorgeous images from this session, it was hard picking a handful for this post! I usually post finished galleries on my Insta stories, so feel free to stop by every once in a while to catch a glimpse! 



South Bay Newborn & Baby Photographer | Milestone Baby Session in studio in Torrance, CA by Natalie Van

Hiiii guys!

It's been a bit! I can't believe that 2016 will be over in about 2 weeks! It is so bittersweet, I am so excited for the new special events that 2017 entails, but 2016 was such an amazing year for me career wise. When I first started newborn & baby photography, my biggest dream was opening up a studio-- not in my home, but in a space that was fully focused on my newborn & baby photography. I never thought that it would have happened in 2016, but amazingly, it did! It is not done yet, we still need to add a couple of things, but it has been so amazing to have a space fully dedicated to my biggest passion. I am so in love with this space, & I hope that it is as inviting as comfortable to my clients, as it is to me. 2017 brings so many new opportunities, & change. I am changing up the structure of my pricing a bit, so if you would like to secure my 2016 pricing, book before 2017, & you will be honored the current pricing.

It has been so crazy busy since September for me, & I remember telling my husband one night "I am exhausted, & beat-- but honestly, I can't imagine doing anything else while being this exhausted, & still loving what I do. I know I'm going to miss this hectic schedule once things calm down from all of the Holiday hustle & bustle!" I have loved working with each & every one of my clients. My returning & new clients. It is so so amazing to me, & I am truly honored that y'all have chosen me to capture your family. That is a HUGE deal, & not something that I take lightly. I am so blessed to have such great clients, & it is something that I realize every day. So thank you to all of my NBP families, I will be making a whole separate blogpost with my favorites from each session!

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South Bay Newborn Photographer | Milestone Session in the Nurture Baby Photography Studio in Torrance, CA by Natalie Van

This was one of my first milestone sessions in the new studio, & after this session I had completely fallen in love with my cozy, light filled studio space. I love everything about milestone sessions-- from styling the session, to props, to interacting with the baby! I always allow time for wardrobe changes, & let parent pick from beautiful outfits, and floral crowns, & bonnets. I also have an array of props to set every session apart. To book a milestone session, please click on the Contact Me tab on the upper right hand corner!



South Bay Newborn & Baby Photographer | Nurture Baby Photography by Natalie Van

It's fall y'all! And with fall comes crunchy leaves, colder weather, UGGS, beanies, scarfs... you get the point. With all of those amazing things, also comes the family sessions! I usually only offer family sessions before the Holidays, or for past clients-- but I am so in love with them now! I used to edit very light & airy... because that is what I thought my clients would want. I decided this year, to edit the way my heart wants-- & if clients love it, then we will both be in love with the end project, because from beginning to end, the passion was there. I know that it isn't everyone's cup of tea, & that's the beauty of having so many photographers in the South Bay! We are such a large group of community over competition ladies-- I promise you, there are no big feuds here! Need any recommendations on light & airy photogs? I have many I can happily refer to you that produce gorgeous images that you will be in love with!

This was my first family session of the season. The Bignone Family. Aren't they gorgeous?! The process started with styling of the session. All of my family sessions come available with a pre session consult, where you are able to come to my brand new studio & check out my NBP client closet! I have some gowns, & plenty of outfits for little 2 & under. I know how stressful it can be coming up with outfits for the whole family for one hour of picture taking-- so I try to lighten that load! Don't like what you see in the studio? I then go online shopping, & send you links to outfits that will go well together to accomplish the style of your dream session! From beginning to end, I want this to be a simple process. I have a theme with my business. Simplicity. Not only in my images, but in the process as well!

To book your family session, you can get ahold of me here! I don't have many other dates available-- so first come first serve! :)

To stay up to date with my work, & lots of fun behind the scenes, catch me on Insta! I am constantly on Instagram stories posting behind the scenes, & fun personal stuff!

Thank y'all for stopping by! This has been my favorite family session to date, & I can't way to do more in a style that speaks so strongly to me!

Also, I will still be doing newborn & baby sessions-- after all, that is what I specialize in! :)

I am already booking newborn sessions for 2017! It's never too early to book your newborn session. Lots of fun stuff coming to Nurture Baby Photography, can't wait to share!

Till next time lovelies!



South Bay Newborn Photographer | Nurture Baby Photographer by Natalie Van

I'm back! This post is from Crew's super sweet newborn session! He had the cutest lil mean mug, but had the cuuuutest poutiest lips!

Can we take a second to talk about appreciation? This little dream of mine started not so long ago, & has grown ever since I've decided to pursue it. There is a quote that I live by-- "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." As soon as I read that quote all I could think was "YAAAAASSSS!" & yes, that sounded as obnoxious in my head as it did as you read it. But it clicked. Totally.

Growing up I never had any "major" dreams. I felt like "eh, I could become a lawyer... or a nurse... or someone who works with kids with autism." & while those were professions I would have liked, I never found the feeling of "this is what I'm meant to do, so I'm going to go full force & pursue this!" As soon as I decided to pursue my photography, I knew this was it. Those who know me know that I am an "all or nothing" kind of gal. When I dive into something, I dive into it full force. I don't like to (excuse my french) half ass things I really want to achieve. So going into this, I knew that I was going to set my expectations high & that I was going to meet them. I worked hard, & I stayed true to myself-- which I think can be a hard thing to do. I knew that I loved minimalism, & simple, pure portraits. There are moments, far too often, that I doubt my style. Is it enough? Is it boring? Will people grow bored of my images? Will it all look the same? How can I step this up? Those questions fill my head before every session. What brings me back is my love for all thing minimal. I love simplicity, & as I'm sure you've heard me say-- I'm a lover of capturing babies in their purest states, & a believer that beauty lies in simplicity. That is my brand. That is me. & no one, or nothing can take that away. Not the questions, not other photographers who copy my stuff word for word, & sure as hell not my self doubt. 

So back to appreciation-- I truly appreciate every single one of you. The few people that are still reading ;) I know I can get chatty at times. But in all honesty, I appreciate ever single kind comment on my social media, every kind remark y'all send me through DM'S, & even every like.

I appreciate my photographer friends. This photog world is such a whirlwind. I've met some AMAZING ladies who have been so kind & supportive. 

I appreciate my friends & family. Oh my goodness, they're amazing-- but that can be for a whole other post!

I appreciate every single one of my clients. It's an amazing feeling knowing that brand new & seasoned parents have picked me--ME! The girl who's trekking on in pursuing her dream, to photographer their most prized possession. 

You know how they say it takes a village after having a baby? It also take a village setting up a business to photograph them! ;)

So to my village, thank you, thank you, thank you. As my grandfather would say-- Thank you a thousand times. <3



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South Bay Newborn Photographer | Simple Newborn Session by Natalie Van

Holy cow!! I can't believe that it has been 7 months since I've blogged! My family & I have moved & things have been so hectic, that now I'm looking back & realizing that I totally neglected this little blog of mine. I'm more motivated than ever to put a a whole lotta TLC into this blog, I've even considered doing mini home decor posts! I've been having so much fun making this house into a home, but to be honest only the living room & kitchen are done -_- It's always a work in progress, so somewhere between all of this craziness, I will be blogging for y'all! I won't be able to blog every sing session (even though I would LOVE to,) but if you have any special requests (newborn, milestone sessions, cake smashes, outdoor,) feel free to plop it in the comments section, & I will try my very best to post more of those sessions! 


In the meantime, I will leave you with Dalton Dukes session! This was such a fun session for me, midway through the session I found out that Dad worked for M&M's! Yes, like the candy!! How cool is that?! This little guy was such a great sleeper, & theeeee best cuddles!  Mama was so sweet, it was amazing to see her love for her sweet baby boy. 

Enough of my blabbering-- introducing Dalton Duke!

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Short & Sweet Mini Newborn Session by Natalie Van

I usually don't offer mini newborn sessions, but if I have an open spot, I am totally for it! Baby Grayson's mama contacted me when Gray was 3 weeks old-- A little bit past the usual newborn stage. Her session took place when she was 4 weeks old. When I have an older newborn and we attempt a newborn session, I always let my mamas know that we are not guaranteed a sleepy, curly baby-- we may get more awake shots than asleep. None the less, we will get adorable shots of baby, regardless of age! But Gray totally proved me wrong on this one! She was one of the sleepiest baby's that I have had. I rarely heard a peep out of her. This session went so smoothly, and I really enjoyed rocking Gray to sleep! 

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Olivia's Pure Newborn Session in Torrance, CA by Natalie Van

Hi All! I know I have been MIA from this little blog of mine. With all the family sessions last year, I decided to take a break from blogging so that I could fully focus on my family & newborn sessions until the Holidays were done. One of my New Years resolutions is to blog more, so here I am! :)

Olivia was the first Nurture Newborn of 2016! She had the squishiest lips, and was such a great sleeper! We didn't get to do prop shots for this session, but all of her posed images came out so beautiful, it totally made up for it! Mama scheduled her session about a month before she was born. I mention this because I just wanted to quickly go over how important it is to schedule your newborn session before Baby arrives. Although it isn't CRUCIAL to getting a session, it does secure your date and availability. I always, always, always try to fit clients in, even if I'm fully booked,  but it doesn't always guarantee a spot if we wait too long to schedule a session, and it totally bums me out when that happens. I always recommend to schedule your session at least a month before baby comes. I know there is a lot to go over when you're pregnant and even more once the baby arrives, but at least it is one less thing to stress out about, and it is all taken care of beforehand! To schedule a session, please contact me here.


If you would like to take a look at the Newborn Collections I offer, please click here.

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Ok, now on to the good stuff!

Gavin's Milestone Session in Torrance, CA by Natalie Van

I love love LOVE my milestone session shoots. Whether it be 3, 6, 9 months, or even my cake smashes! It is such a fun age where you can really see a baby's personality start to shine. After I had my first born, I told myself I would capture every milestone, and while it did fuel my passion for photography, I just wasn't able to keep up with all my duties as a full time mama, all while working 40 hour weeks! I can't stress enough how much I wish I captured and documented important milestones like smiling, sitting, crawling, & standing without having to put much thought into it. One of the reasons why I love milestone sessions so much is because I am able to provide these memories for my clients with little to no effort on their part!

I also provide a Grow With Me package-- all details can be found here. Book a milestone session, or the Grow With Me Package here!

Another exciting thing around here is that I added a brand new real wood floor backdrop! Clean, Pure & Simple to really go with my style, I love the softness it brings to my images!

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Last Weeks Newborns by Natalie Van

Last week I had 4 newborns, and one mother son session. I really wanted to have a separate blog post for each session, but since it’s been a while since I’ve blogged I decided to make one super mega blog post!

Newborn sessions are my favorite. I love capturing brand new babies in their pure & simplest state.  A couple of my newborns were from a model call I had because I wanted to freely photograph my creative ideas with some props I had made & bought. A lot of my mamas tend to prefer the posed shots, (which I LOVE as well too!), so it was nice to be able to freely style the prop shots with some props that I made myself! I usually stick to a very neutral palette, but I really love the color pop in some of the images.

My newborns last week were all such dreams to work with! I started off the week with Kingston, who had the fullest head of hair! His mama is a mom of 4, so it was so nice chatting about how life is with 4 kids, she definitely is inspiring! After Baby King I met Kallum, who came all the way from Irvine, which is about a 45 minute drive, to come get his pictures taken. He stayed awake during his whole session! I usually reschedule babies who aren’t asleep after all my tricks, but since he was wide eyed, awake, and happy we decided to roll with it! We got some amazing expressions! My only girl from last week was Baby Clara, who slept the entire time! She was such a dream to work with, we were able to use all the props I had planned out for her! Charlie was my last newborn, and he had the CUTEST mohawk. I had planned to use a bonnet on him, but tossed it aside as soon as I saw his mohawk. I still can't get over how cute his full head of hair was!

I’m so grateful that I get to call this my job. I love giving parents a break during their session. They can sit back & admire this precious new life they brought into the world, while I babysit for a couple of hours :) It’s a win win for all of us!


As always, baby is ALWAYS being spotted. While I love that I am able to get these amazing shots, baby’s safety is always my number one priority.


If you have any questions or would like to connect to social media, feel free to follow me on Instagram & Facebook! I look forward to seeing you there! :)


Now that I’m down rambling, take a look at these precious brand new babies I had the honor of photographing!